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Floridienne Floridienne : Industrial participation holding quoted on the Brussels Stock Exchange
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Floridienne is a Belgian industrial participation holding company. It belongs to the European or global leaders in a number of market niches and niche markets. Its activities are centered on three sectors: chemicals, upmarket foods and biotechnology including venture capital investments.

Floridienne focuses on majority or 50/50 holdings in partner companies that have similar values with regard to entrepreneurial spirit, respect of the individual, honouring commitments, global perspective and innovation as the key to sustainable development.

The group is quoted on the Brussels Stock Exchange, giving it the international visibility and access to capital markets necessary for its development.

Visuel Chemical division
Agro-food division
life sciences division

01/09/14 | Consolidated results for the first half of 2014
22/05/14 | Report on activities
30/04/14 | Annual Report 2013
31/03/14 | Consolidated results as of December 31st, 2013
19/02/14 | Press release
19/11/13 | Intermediate Communication
30/08/13 | Financial results for the first half of 2013
14/08/13 | Press Release
Press Release
18/06/13 | Press Release
17/05/13 | Intermediate Communication
08/05/13 | Annual Report 2012
08/05/13 | Consolidated results as of December 31st, 2012
11/12/12 | Transparency
16/11/12 | Report on activities
26/10/12 | Board of Directors Meeting 26 Oct 2012
31/08/12 | Financial results for the first half of 2012
18/05/12 | Report on activities
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